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The major obligation of the University Library which is regarded as the pivot around which the academic and research activities of the University revolves is to provide information resources, learning facilities and services to support the core business of the University, namely, teaching, learning, research and public service.

Borrow a maximum of six (6) and eight (8) books/items for undergraduate and graduate students respectively for a duration two weeks


This consists of quick reference materials such as Encyclopeadia, Dictionaries, World books, Almanacs, Year books etc for research purposes.


Use the “Ask the Librarian Live Chat” services to seek for any clarifications.


The Section organises proficiency courses including computer assisted learning programmes on difficult subjects that the students have challenges such as Mathematics, Sciences, Information Technology etc.


Follow this link to watch our the Sam Jonah Library Orientation

The Digital services include the management of the Institutional Repository and other digitisation activities. The Unit also manages the social media sites of the Library.


The Distance Learning Library Services section provides services to the Distance Learning students and academic staff.

We provide research support for teaching, learning and research activities of the University and promote innovative learning and high quality research that attracts global visibility.

The Library’s Electronic Support Unit assists users to use the Electronic information resources


There is a counselling system in the Library to support students with special needs.


The Bindery unit performs the in-house treatment of mutilated, worn out and damaged materials to ensure the longevity of library materials

Special Services for the physically challenged

Special Services for the physically challenged

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