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Clients Services Department

The Client Services Department consists of four Sections: Reference and Students Support, Reader and Circulation, Persons with Special Needs, and Satellite Libraries. An important component of the Client Services Department is faculty liaisons. The faculty liaison officers are to have direct contact with the respective academic departments and individual Academic Staff to promote library collections and services.


To use technological innovations to support academic work, scholarly research, and services of the library to meet global standards.


To enhance scholarly pursuit of knowledge by providing quality and timely access to needed information using technology.


The Department seeks to render diverse and innovative services to meet the unique information needs of library clients, and periodically evaluate its resources and services to remain relevant to the changing needs of users.


Sections & Units

Audio Conversation
The Section on Persons with Special Needs provides library and information services to persons with special needs. The section asserts that education is a basic human right, and all persons must be included in accessing library services. The section strongly respects the inherent dignity and worth of all persons with special needs, and is committed to promoting their human rights by responsively supporting equal access to areas of academic, social, and professional life.  
Book Reading
The Circulation Section is the major interface between the library and the users. It is the first point of call for every user. The circulation staff play a major role in readers’ services because they easily know the needs of the users and what the library has. Circulation unit is the public relation section of the library, and circulation staff address very quick directional and referral assistance to clients’.
Reference Services and Student Support Section provides personal assistance to library clients in pursuit of information. The Reference Services and Student Support Section are defined as all the activities performed by a library staff to meet the information needs of any client, whether in person, by telephone, or via e-mail.
Satellite Libraries Section
Satellite libraries are part of the University of Cape Coast Library System.  The Satellite Libraries are managed by the Librarian. They are established to complement the information delivery services of the Main Library at various levels. They are supposed to assist students and staff with required information resources in various academic disciplines/programmes studied in the University.