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Borrowing and Lending Policy

Circulation and Book Lending Services

All books from the regular collection, may be checked out. Residents of the University community are welcome to use the Library facilities and resources.  One of the Library's primary functions is to provide easy access to information for the University community. The bonafide library users include:

  • students
  • academic staff
  • administrative staff
  • part-time faculty staff
  • retired staff
  • spouses or dependents of staff
  • alumni
  • permitted researchers and other users.

All citizens will be accorded the privilege of using materials in the Library; however, they may not borrow materials from the Library.

Persons requiring borrowing service shall provide a form of identification, except under rare situations, with the express approval by the Client Services Librarian. The Library reserves the right to recall any or all materials checked-out, despite the borrowing period or renewal privileges of the Client. 

Borrowing/Lending Materials

The borrowing service is rendered to only registered users of the library.

  • undergraduate students may borrow a maximum of six (6) books/items at a time.
  • graduate students may borrow a maximum of eight (8) books/items at a time. The duration for borrowing is two weeks for students. After the two weeks elapse, the item could be renewed for another two weeks if a request for the item has not been placed. After this, the borrower shall be barred from renewing the same item.
  • in order for external borrowers to enjoy borrowing services, they need to be introduced by a staff of the University who will serve as a guarantor. 
  • clients categorised as other may borrow a maximum of five (5) books/items at a time.
  • academic staff may borrow a maximum of ten (10) books/items at a time for a semester. Senior members (Faculty, Research and Senior Members Administrative) may, however, borrow materials for a semester duration.
  • Borrowing depends on the availability of the books/materials



Fines are accrued at one cedi (₵1.00) per day for a period of twenty-one (21) days for overdue Books, after which the item is charged to the LOST status. Once a book is charged to the LOST status, a processing service fee of ₵10.00 is collected if the book is returned. If the book is not returned, the client will be charged ₵10.00 processing fee and three times the current cost of the book. If a client fails to return an item on recall, such a client will be liable to pay a fine of five (5) Ghana cedis per day until it is returned.