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Scholarly communication Unit


Scholarly communication unit

The vision of the Vice Chancellor to promote the dissemination of the Research output of the University of Cape Coast to the global Academic and Research Community to enhance the visibility and high ranking of the University led to the establishment of the Scholarly Communication Unit at the Sam Jonah Library.

The Scholarly Communication Unit will offer resources and services to support the UCC Journals, Editors, Researchers and Students on Scientific Publishing.


To be a one stop centre of excellence to support scholarly communication at the University of Cape Coast.


To promote the dissemination of the research output of the University to the global academic community and enhance the visibility of the University.


The Objectives of the Scholarly Communication Unit Are to:

  • Develop, implement and evaluate sustainable services and policies that supports scholarly communication at UCC.
  • Ensure the sustainability of UCC Journals.
  • Provide technical support for the Editorial Boards/Editors, Researchers, Reviewers, Students etc in Scientific Publishing.
  • Develop an institutional Repository for UCC Journals.
  • Deploy integrated technologies for managing the Backfiles of UCC Journals
  • Provide appropriate training for the Editorial Boards, Editors, Researchers, Reviewers, Authors, Administrators, Students etc.
  • Conduct Research in the area of Scholarly Communication.
  • Promote academic excellence and scholarship through the support of Research and Publications.
  • Ensure that the Editorial Boards and Editors adheres to both local and international standards and practices.


The Unit will:

  • Provide technical support for the various Editorial Boards of UCC Journals.
  • Provide training for the Editorial Board Members, Reviewers, Administrators, Researchers, Authors and Students on emerging issues in scholarly communication.
  • Publicise UCC Journals both at the local and international levels
  • Develop an Institutional Repository by archiving the back files of the UCC Journals.


The Scholarly Communication Unit is located at the 2nd Floor, Sam Jonah Library.