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The Library is opened to all students, academic staff, senior administrative and technical staff, as well as other staff who are recommended by their heads of department.


Other persons may be admitted as readers at the discretion of the Librarian. Such external readers may be required to pay an enrolment fee and a non-refundable deposit as determined by the Librarian.

Registration Procedure

New students/faculty are required to register with the library before they can use its facilities. New faculty/students are identified by their identity cards indicating their university registration number, year of admission/ employment and their halls of affiliation.

Readers’ Bag Tags

Readers are solely responsible for their bags. The Library shall not accept responsibility for any lost bags. Lost bag tags shall attract replacement fee of Five Ghana Cedis (GH¢5.00). Readers will be asked to replace the tag before the bag will be given to them.

Failure to report the loss of a book or ticket may delay students’ clearance or even graduation.


If the book one wants is not on the shelf, the person one should find out if the book has been borrowed so that he/she could ask and complete a reservation form and hand it over to the library officer at the service counter. The person will then be notified when the book is ready for collection. The book will be reserved for the person for 24 hours only.

Reserved Books

Some books recommended by lecturers for their students are removed from the open shelves and kept on reserve shelves. Such books are available for use in the library only.

A reader must return books signed for, from the reserved collection, to the library staff at the counter before leaving the library.

Lost Book(s)

The loss of any book(s) must be reported to the Librarian immediately. The user(s) will be given time to look for the lost book(s). After a period of one month if the book(s) is/are not found, the user will have to pay three times the current price of the book(s). The fine will be refunded if and when the book(s) is/are found and returned in good condition.

Students’ Reference Collection

Books in this section are to be used only in the Library. Books must be returned to the Students’ Reference Section after use. Students must cancel their names on the user forms before leaving the library.

Books used in the Library

Library books used should be left on the reading tables. Readers should not attempt to shelve any book after use. However, a book taken from the shelves and browsed through should be put back in its position on the shelves.

Borrowing Regulations
  1. Academic staff may borrow up to ten (10) books at a time for not more than one semester. Books borrowed must be returned at the end of each semester or when needed by another user.
  2. Senior Administrative and Technical Staff may borrow up to four (4) books at a time for 2 weeks, renewable for a further two (2) weeks.
  3. Junior members of University Staff who have been admitted as readers on the recommendation of their heads of department may borrow up to two (2) books at a time for two (2) weeks. Books may be renewed for another two (2) weeks.
  4. All students, including post-graduates may borrow up to six (6) books for two (2) weeks, renewable for a further two (2) weeks.
  5. External borrowers who have been duly registered after paying the enrolment fees and necessary deposits may borrow up to two (2) books at a time for two (2) weeks. An External Borrower would need a guarantor from the university.
  6. Books not available for loan include reference books marked “R” or “SR” current periodicals, reserved books, World Bank publications, special organizations publications, Ghana Collection and uncatalogued books. Only academic staff may borrow bound volumes of periodicals. The Librarian may restrict the loan of any volume at any point in time.
Over Due Books

The rate, which is subject to periodic review, is currently 50 Gp per book per day. No further books may be borrowed until books are returned and fine incurred paid.
Overdue books in the Reserve and Reference Collections borrowed under special dispensation attract a fine GH₵1.00 per day

Renewal of Books

No reader may renew a book for two consecutive periods without the permission of the Librarian.

Vacation Borrowing

Vacation borrowing begins just before the end of the semester. Books cannot be borrowed before the announced date.


Users are required to obtain clearance from the Library at the end of their programme/service. Before their clearance certificate can be signed, all tickets issued to a reader must be returned to the Library. Clearance takes place during the working hours of the Library. The cooperation of library users will help to provide the best possible services. Please follow proper clearance procedures to ensure your graduation and other issues.

Library Rules and Regulations
  • Gowns, hats, caps, raincoats, umbrellas, brief cases etc. must be left in the baggage room at the entrance of the Library.
  • Smoking and eating are not permitted in any part of the Library. The latter encourages infestation by pests and ants and the latter is offensive to other library users.
  • On leaving the library, readers must show books in their possession to the staff at the entrance.
  • Books must not be defaced by writing in them, or by any other means. Borrowers are responsible for books for which they have signed and they must pay for their loss or damage. Borrowers must browse through a book before signing for it.
  • It is an offence to take out of the library a book which has not been properly issued to you.
  • Disciplinary action, including expulsion, will be taken against anyone found to have mutilated or stolen Library materials, including journals and books.
  • Valuables including money should not be kept in hand bags left at the entrance of the library and on the reading tables.
  • The University Librarian or his delegate has authority to search students’ rooms for missing books.
  • The use of mobile phones is NOT allowed in the Library. A charge of GH¢5.00 is imposed on anyone caught violating the rule.
  • Students are not allowed to borrow books for their friends.