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Support Libraries

The library accepts gifts and donations. This can be in the form of books, electronic devices or informational resources.

All gifts and donations must be channeled through the University Librarian.

Donation/gifts shall be evaluated by the same standard as purchased items. This is to ensure that the library resources and facilities are maintained at high quality and consistency. The library has sole authority to decide whether all or part of the gift should be added to the collection, discarded, exchanged or given out. The library is not duty bound to create special space in the library for donors. The library is also at liberty to exchange materials with other libraries be it academic, research, special, school or public (foreign or local).

Make a gift

Cash Donation: All cheques must be in the name of Sam Jonah Library, UCC
Electronic Payment: Bank Draft etc (See Accountant for more information.)

Physical Items

Donation in the form of books, furniture, fixtures and fittings, computers etc This also must be made through the University librarian.