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To position the library to contribute to the academic and scholarly excellence of the University by providing world class information resources, facilities and innovative services that will advance teaching, learning and research.


To provide access to high quality scholarly information resources and innovative services to meet the individual and collective needs of our University community.


The library’s values stem from its commitment to deliver real-time information resources to support teaching, learning and research and publication activities. This requires the staff to be more user-focused, innovative, flexible, professional and dynamic so as to position themselves to be abreast with all the academic programmes that are offered in the University. The core values that provide the general guidelines for the realization of the vision are:

We strive for excellence as a team through effective monitoring of operational activities while at the same time encouraging professional development through the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

The library staff develops information access tools to meet the specific requirements of the academic community. Innovation: Since the pillar of innovation in the library are the products and services, staff are given in-service training and motivated to be creative to support the mission of the University. The library fosters innovation and embraces change.

The Library management continued to pursue active partnership policy with the staff of the University as well as institutional members of the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH) at the local level and other institutional libraries at the international level. As well as AFLIA and Ghana Library Association.

By setting very high standards in information services Library staff are approachable, reliable, efficient, effective, competent and responsive to the needs of clients.

In the provision of information to all category of users the staff adheres strictly to all ethical considerations in the information profession, especially, by upholding and protecting the principles of intellectual property rights. The library believes that an environment of trust, respect, and integrity is core to success.

There are robust menu of activities and delivery instruments with which staff delivers value-added services to the clients. The basic pre-requisite for delivering information support services to end-users and potential users is to make services accessible and easy to use, and the information provided should be relevant and delivered on timely basis.