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The University of Cape Coast Gallery presents curated exhibitions that facilitate an awareness of the records and history of the university. The Gallery located at the Sam Jonah Library was established to keep records of events and important activities of the University in pictorial/audiovisual form. The University Gallery values community engagement and welcomes the public to engage with our many exhibitions and public programs throughout the year. It creates an opportunity for students to learn experientially as they come to explore the many collections of the Gallery. This venue allows both international and local visitors to learn about curation and exhibition designs from across world cultures. The collection of the University Gallery includes the following: memorabilia of past and present Principal officers of the University, Video and audio recordings of inaugural and memorial lectures, copies of Vice Chancellor’s annual reports, matriculation and congregational brochures, students’ handbooks, University bulletins, University gazettes, list of best graduating students on a plague, National heroes, National and institutional inventions, artefacts, samples of trophies, awards, Paraphernalia and souvenirs, etc.

The mandate of the Gallery Unit shall be to

  1. Collect, preserve and exhibit relevant souvenirs, paraphernalia, past and present physical and human resources of the University. 
  2. Showcase the achievements of the University.
  3. Pictures the University.
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