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The Cataloguing, Bindery and Photocopying Section of the Library has three divisions: Cataloguing, Bindery and Photocopying.

The mandate of the Cataloguing shall be to:

  • Classify library books by using Library of Congress Classification Scheme and other classification tools like the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), Library of Congress Schedules and Subject Dictionaries.
  • Establish and maintain an up-to-date library catalogue which will provides access to the information resources that the Library has acquired over the years.  
  • Create and provide easy finding aids for the clients.
  • Work retrospectively through the cataloguing of already existing documents which have not been captured in the current operating system. This activity is expected to form part of the Section’s operations until all records are fully captured into the current operating system.
  • Train staff on new developments in cataloguing to ensure that staff are acquainted with the requisite knowledge to be very effective in their field of work.
  • Do original cataloguing when the cataloguing record of an item in hand cannot be located or has not been already imputed by another library. Original cataloguing should be done by professionals who have obtained adequate training in original cataloguing.
  • Check whether the class mark written or affixed on the spine of the book are correct before the books are finally dispersed to their actual shelves to be used by clients.

Brief Info of section

The section is responsible for cataloguing and classification of all the newly acquired books/materials. Their function includes both original and retrospective cataloguing as well as the management of the Library Management System (KOHA).

Head of Section: Mrs Gloria Bosomtwi Amoah, Jnr Assistant Librarian

Contact info of Section: 033 21 30952/3 Ext 115

Hours and Location: 9am – 4.30pm, Ground Floor Sam Jonah Library